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Backpacks, fanny packs, cross-body bags… which one is perfect for your next vacation?

Updated: Jan 3

You’ve got your perfect vacation all planned out. Passport and visas ready. Vacation booked; bags packed...but have you packed your bags? Excuse me, what? we hear you saying. We mean the bags you’re going to take with you for when you’re gallivanting around your destination – your purse, your daypack, your fanny pack.

There are lots of factors to consider when picking the perfect bag (or bags, to match all your fits) to take on vacation with you. What all needs to fit in it? Is it comfortable to carry? Does it have safety features? Does it look cute? All very important questions. Need help deciding? Here are our top five picks for bags to use when traveling.


This classic style is a favorite among seasoned travelers. The shoulder strap keeps your hands free, and the cross-body design is more secure than just a strap over one shoulder. (Just be sure to wear the bag part in front of you, rather than behind.) We love this design from Travelon because it’s slash-proof, has RFID-blocking card slots, and locking zippers. And it comes in lots of colors. Fashion and function!


If you’re going to be out for more than just a few hours, you’ll want to take a bit more with you. A backpack can also double as your carry-on item! Look for wider straps for maximum comfort, and definitely go for safety features like locking zippers or hidden pockets. This fab bag comes with hidden pockets, tons of compartments, and a combination code zipper lock!

Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are back on trend, which is great news as they’re just so convenient. Keeping your hands free and having your essentials strapped to your waist within easy reach is a game changer. And you can always loosen the strap and wear it as a cross-body. This chic leather version from our travel favorite, Travelon, has RFID-blocking slots to keep your cards safe as well as a hidden pocket to stash your phone or passport.

Phone Bag

Sometimes, all you need is your phone, keys, lip balm and some cash. For those days, keep it minimal and carry a phone bag, rather than a bulky purse. This adorable little bag from Baggallini has RFID-blocking card slots, a cross-body strap and a wristlet strap to wear multiple ways, and comes in a ton of colors and styles. You’ll probably find yourself using it for days out once you’re back home!

Money Belt

Ok, while technically this isn’t so much another bag but more a different type of fanny pack, the money belt deserves a mention. It’s designed to be low-profile and fit under your clothes, which means your important items – money, passport, travel documents – stay safe and out of sight. A money belt is a great idea if you’re traveling in areas where pickpockets are a concern, or you just want to be cautious. This model has RFID blockers, is water-resistant and has a double-release safety buckle for extra peace of mind.

Having the right bag with you can mean the difference between a relaxing vacation and daily irritation from carrying too much stuff with you. Not to mention sore shoulders from lugging your enormous everyday purse around – you might need all that stuff that accumulates in your purse when you’re in the office (do you really though?), but not when you’re seeing the sights. Security features that keep you safe from theft provide extra peace of mind, knowing you’re protected from pickpockets and digital theft. And who knows – you might find that your new travel bag becomes your everyday favorite when you return to normal life!

Now that you know what bags to take along on your next trip, why not book it? How does a Girl's trip to Cancun sound? Pack your bags, click that link, and get ready for the trip of a life time!


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